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For Any Professional Event needed:

Including Wedding/Officiant, Photographer for Beach, Church, Club House or at Home Weddings, Wedding Arches, Flower arrangement. @ Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Key Biscayne, Key Largo, Dania Beach, Palm Beach. Contact us to request other locations.

To meet your needs we also provide professional photographers for In and Outdoors, Engagements, Boudoir, Quinces, Sweet Sixteen, Portraits, Maternity, Babies, Kids, Family Portraits, High School Seniors, Models, Head Shots, Real State, Corporate, Private Schools Portrait Shots, Events, Holiday Postcards and much more.


I truly enjoy photographing the most important day of a new couples life together. With future hopes of photographing your children and as they grow I want to be the one captures those special memories that will last for generations. It doesn’t matter if I’m photographing a lifestyle portrait or a wedding, my focus stays the same. It is to tell a story and capture the true essence and emotion of my clients. The beauty is in the detail and capturing intimate moment forever in time.

Black and White Casual Photo-Shooting

We recommend darker, more casual, earthy clothing like jeans and sweatshirts or other solid colored clothing. Don’t worry about bringing a black an white outfit, because all colors will appear, black, white or a gray tone in between. The darker tones look best.

The Family Portrait

Family groupings are done in your home or at  outdoor location. We want your family to look natural and relaxed for this reason we do not recommend in studio family groupings of more than 3 people. Good locations are those where you spend family time. Your home, cottage, the beach or on the family boat are some suggestions.

Clothing preparation for groups is of major concern. Solids are highly recommended. Prints and patterns distract and can clash with patterns worn by another family member. The best advice is to think of the entire families’ apparel as one outfit. Meaning, don’t put a print or color on another family member that you would not add to your own outfit. Everyone’s clothing should blend and go together. If you need assistance in this are we’re more than happy to help out. And a little planning here will result in a far superior final product.

Also take into consideration the room where the portrait will hang. It’s best to wear colors that will complement the decor of the room. If the intended room is decorated in pastels or other light colors. Keep your clothing light as well. And use a light frame. If the portrait is planned to hang in a darker situation, such as den, library or above a heavily wooded dire-place mantle. Then select clothing in the darker shades such as burgundy, plum, deep greens and navy. Khaki works well with light and dark colors. Having the portrait taken in the room where it will hang is a wonderful idea; the colors of the room will be reflected in the portrait!

Outfits & Props

Marilene de Melo is also specializes in capturing High School Senior moments. From athletes and musicians to the honor society and artists, we can bring out each seniors individual personality.

We encourage seniors to bring any props they feel will help reflect their personality. Here are a few ideas of the different outfits you can bring.
Here are a few ideas of the different outfits you can bring.

  • Dresses
  • Gowns
  • Suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Uniforms
  • Hats
  • Heritage attire
  • Jeans
  • Polo shirts
  • Etc…

Here are a few ideas of the different props you can bring.

  • Helmets
  • Sports equipment
  • Music instruments
  • Trophies
  • Awards
  • Career Props

We also recommend that you bring make-up and styling product for any touch ups.

Prom/Senior Year Package

  • Package include a CD with 60 best pictures
  • Up to 3hrs Photo Shooting section
  • 1-16×20 Composition with 12 pictures (Name +Senior 201?) On top page.
  • 2-8×10’s
  • 10-5×7’s
  • 50-Wallets with seniors name and year engraved.

Portrait Tips What to Wear & What to Bring


Remember to bring a favorite shirt sweater, jersey, or uniform so that we can take additional poses for your personal use. Bring a couple of outfits and we can help you in making a choice.

Wear your usual make-up. Lipstick, eyeliner, and blush enhance portraits but should not be overdone. Don’t use an oily night-time makeup. Long sleeves and darker solid colors (avoid white) will photograph best. Bathing suit hair style should not cover your eyes. Your hands and fingernails will show in some poses and most important don’t forget your class ring. strap marks or tan lines will show, so tan evenly and avoid the sun for at least two days before your portrait session. Your session will include several casual, traditional, glamour, and graduation poses. We offer these suggestions for the best look:


You should be clean shaven with hair neatly combed or styled. A dark jacket and tie with a white dress shirt will be nice. Your shirt must be able to button and close at the neck. Bring casual clothes as well. Wash your face to remove any excess oil and most important don’t forget your class ring.

Photographers and Assistants

Marilene de Melo shoots all weddings personally as the prime photographer. For the premium packages where a second cameraman is required, Marilene uses accomplished professional photographers to capture the detailed images. We are also able to supply additional services such as photographer’s assistants, makeup artists and hairstylists.


In terms of equipments, we use Canon professional digital cameras & lenses. We always bring an array of cameras, flashes and filters in order to be flexible at all angles and in all lighting conditions. We shoot the entire wedding with the highest resolution possible. We also carry a redundant amount of backup equipment. Primary equipments:

Professional Cameras Digital

Professional Canon LenseS

Other Equipments:

  • 580EX II flash units & Quantum Turbo 2×2
  • SanDisk Ultra SD Cards
  • Manfrotto Tripod & Monopod (Pro)


Everyone has shoe boxes of snap shots and reels of old movies left unseen. Photos are personal, emotional art that is the glue between generations, times and places, yet how often we deny ourselves the value of the stories those photos can tell.

Over the years we have noticed that our brides all have such diverse personal tastes when it comes to the creation of their wedding albums.

Because of this we decided to not include the albums. We left it to be a la carte menu, this allowed us to reduce our package prices and offer more competitive prices for everyone while allowing the bride to choose her own type of album and create her own style of wedding portfolio. If  you would like us to design your album, we will work with you in selecting and enhancing your favorite images and unique accents in order to come up with a breath taking memory of your very special day.

Are you having a Sunset or Sunrise Wedding?

Check to see that time the sun will set on your special wedding day? This link to the US Naval Observatory will give you a reading of the sun and moon for every day of the year after clicking on this ling just click on Data Services then add your time and location, it’s that easy. Click in here to find out:

“Another tip to help you to have an unforgettable & beautiful outdoor Event”

Find out here what is your local weather will be like:

Since weddings are booked up to a year in advance in most of the case it is important to call Marilene de Melo at 305.898.8428 today to reserve your special date and setup your consultation.

Need an “Event Coordinator” That extra help with qualify guided professionals will let you enjoy extra free time, relaxing while they work for you. We have the professional personal for that:

  • Beautiful and fresh flower arrangements
  • Catering Services
  • Private chef and Server
  • Put together individual boxes luncheon
  • Rentals
  • Limo Services
  • We will work within your budget to plan the party of your dreams.

Thank you!!

Marilene de Melo Photography


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